I’m not quite sure how I started following him on Twitter, however, I know I have come to be really excited to read the daily “Cline Lyric of the The Day” tweets posted each day by Kevin Cline. Kevin, the guest on this episode, teaches American History at Frankton High School in Frankton, Indiana. I’d been really excited to get Kevin on the show because of the message of the content he puts out on Twitter & he did not disappoint!

If you have ever read anything I’ve written or listened to anything I’ve produced, you probably are aware that I am huge fan of James Sturtevant and his “Ya Gotta Connect” message. Like Jim, Kevin continually seeks to build an environment that is engaging and respectful in his classroom and I really think this comes through in the interview. One of the most consistent messages you’ll hear Kevin discuss is the need to build a respectful environment in your classroom. Through respect, says Kevin, you are able to build meaningful and authentic relationships with your students that will help you become a more effective teacher.

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