17. PBL, Assessment & Connection, Oh My!

Some Simple Tips Gianni‚Äôs on Mindset: If you haven’t yet seen this young Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo talk about how he approaches the mental aspect the game of basketball and his life, you need to do so now! In less than 2 minutes, Giannis talks about the importance of being present-minded, eliminating ego andContinue reading “17. PBL, Assessment & Connection, Oh My!”

16. Give them Hope (A Reflection)

Some Simple Tips & Tricks Here are the links & resources discussed in this week’s Some Simple Tips Segment. Fee free to share how you use these tips or to recommend your own tips for me to share with others here. Adding Chips to Google Docs: This recent update to the Google Workspace Canvas allowsContinue reading “16. Give them Hope (A Reflection)”

Rejecting the Mythical Master Narrative with Nate Ridgeway

Monday, June 7, 2021 We all have them–those topics that are our favorite to teach, or the ones that you feel are simply more important than other things you discuss in your content–admit it. For me, there’s something about the industrialization of the United States and the rise of the reform movements that really excitesContinue reading “Rejecting the Mythical Master Narrative with Nate Ridgeway”

009-Mastering Mastery-Based Learning with Jen Page

Recently, I had a day off and I went for a hike. Knowing that I was interested in doing some more hiking, my wife purchased a quality day pack & a year-long subscription to the All Trail App to help me plan my excursions into the woods. On this particular day I had decided toContinue reading “009-Mastering Mastery-Based Learning with Jen Page”

I’m not quite sure how I started following him on Twitter, however, I know I have come to be really excited to read the daily “Cline Lyric of the The Day” tweets posted each day by Kevin Cline. Kevin, the guest on this episode, teaches American History at Frankton High School in Frankton, Indiana. I’dContinue reading

Episode 3: Quantitatively Improve Class Discussions with James Sturtevant

The Episode: Welcome to the first interview on My Best Lesson: Social Studies! When I finally decided I would start a podcast intended for a bigger audience than just my own school community I knew that my first guest would need to be James Sturtevant. I first encountered James years ago when I heard hisContinue reading “Episode 3: Quantitatively Improve Class Discussions with James Sturtevant”