26. Lean on Others…But Not Too Heavily

If you’re like me you are constantly finding new ideas and inspiration for your teaching methods. Whether it’s from the teacher down the hall, a podcast you just listened to, or the social media worlds of Teacher Twitter & Teacher Tik Tok, you are nearly always finding and saving good ideas to use in yourContinue reading “26. Lean on Others…But Not Too Heavily”

21. Success & Communication with AJ Bianco

If you listen to any educational podcasts there is a good chance you’ve already come across my guest from this episode–AJ Bianco. Before anything else, AJ is a father of 3 and the husband of another educator. Professionally, AJ is a middle school assistant principal in New Jersey and a host on three different podcasts:Continue reading “21. Success & Communication with AJ Bianco”

20. It’s Okay to be Nervous

My Reflection: This past week I scrolling through my Twitter feed & I came across this Tweet by Katie Hurley (@katiefhurley) and I thought it was great. Katie reminds us all that it’s okay for our students to feel a wide array of emotions as they enter this school year–often, emotions that don’t seem toContinue reading “20. It’s Okay to be Nervous”

19. Get Uncomfortable With Megan Ferne

I’m really excited to get this post and episode out to you! When I decided to start this podcast I reached out to some people I know and asked for recommendations for guests. When asked, the first person that Stephanie Howell recommended was Megan Ferne. Megan is entering her 22nd year of teaching. She taughtContinue reading “19. Get Uncomfortable With Megan Ferne”