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Welcome to the blog portion of the the My Best Lesson: Social Studies podcast! While I would never pretend to be an amazing writer, I wanted to be sure to get my thoughts out in writing and on the web. These posts will closely mirror my reflection episodes on the podcast.

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27. Mindfulness in the Classroom

Yes, I know–it’s been a while! I have not posted or recorded a podcast in quite some time–and I have a very simple explanation for that. You see, I simply did not have the motivation or the desire to make the podcast a priority in my life again as I readjusted to entering the classroom…

26. Lean on Others…But Not Too Heavily

If you’re like me you are constantly finding new ideas and inspiration for your teaching methods. Whether it’s from the teacher down the hall, a podcast you just listened to, or the social media worlds of Teacher Twitter & Teacher Tik Tok, you are nearly always finding and saving good ideas to use in your…

25. Too Much, Too Soon!

I won’t even ask the question–because I know the answer–you’re feeling it too! You are feeling April-tired and asking yourself, how in the heck can it only be November? We are all exhausted right now and, you know what–it’s kind of good to hear that we are all feeling the same way! I will be…

24. Dr. Scott Petri

I’m very excited to share the first interview of my second season with you this week! For this episode I interviewed Dr. Scott Petri about the various ways he incorporates literature into his high school history classes. I think you’ll agree with me when you listen that this episode is full of tips and nuggets…


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