My Best Lesson: Social Studies


Thanks for visiting my site! I’m passionate about helping social studies teachers to tell their own stories & I hope you’ll spread the word.

True Growth is a Zig Zag The Inspired Teacher Podcast

Welcome to the Inspired Teacher podcast! The thoughts on today's episode were inspired by Bryan & Jessie on the 3×5 Life Podcast. I hope you enjoy this episode and check out the 3×5 Life Podcast & system. 
  1. True Growth is a Zig Zag
  2. The Power of Green Dots
  3. Be Productive, Not Just Busy
  4. Create Your Own Passion
  5. Purpose over Passion

About Mike

Hi! I’m a father of two amazing boys and the husband of a phenomenal math teacher. I have been a social studies teacher in the Owen J. Roberts School District since 2004. When I’m not hanging out with my family or working you can usually find me doing something for the Owen J. Roberts High School wrestling team as I’ve been a coach there since 2005.

I also host the Six Tips and Tricks from the TOSA podcast should you be interested in hearing some of my thoughts on educational technology & the suggestions I’ve collected for the staff in my building.

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