17. PBL, Assessment & Connection, Oh My!

Some Simple Tips
  1. Gianni’s on Mindset: If you haven’t yet seen this young Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo talk about how he approaches the mental aspect the game of basketball and his life, you need to do so now! In less than 2 minutes, Giannis talks about the importance of being present-minded, eliminating ego and avoiding pride.
  2. Slidesmania’s Planners: Each year I tell myself that this is the year I will do better at organizing my plans and materials so that I can be better-prepared next year–and each year I fall short. That said, I’m hoping that I can do a little better at staying organized with a little help from Slidesmania. Here’s a look at what I’m trying to use for this school year and maybe you can find something that will fit you.
  3. Matt Miller’s 18 underrated Google tools: We all know about some of the amazing things you can do with Google’s most popular tools–but what else? In this blog post, Matt Miler explores and explains some of the most underrated Google Tools that you might not know about that could be a great resource!  
  4. Creating a Class Identity: I have been a fan of James Sturtevant for quite some time now & when it comes to helping you connect with students, I don’t know that there’s a better person. Check out this blog post from James to help you foster a class identity to deepen connections.

My Reflection Resources

Here’s a list of some of the resources I discussed in my reflection in case you’re interested in learning more about any of them.

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